With Two Lorries, Six Cars and Two Auto Rikshaws taking care of logistics the Company has enormous Machinery and equipment support

Mixture Machines 7 Nos
Centering Sheets 2000 Nos
Acro Props 1000 Nos
Vibrators 12 Nos
Acro Spans 1000 Nos
Beam Side Shutters 2000 Nos
  • 100 Tons Compressor Testing Machine
  • Curing Tubs
  • Sieves of various sizes
  • Theodalite
  • Weigh Balance
  • Cube Casting Moulds
  • Builders Hoist
  • Levelling Instrument with Staff
  • Plumbers special tools with pressure testing equipment
  • Fully functional quality control lab for checking the strength of concrete and other building materials

Structural designs adopted to cater to the present day requirement of earthquake resistance based on foolproof soil testing