Varadha Priya


Site Details:

Old Door No.18, New Door No.20,
Poes Road,2nd street,

The building will be constructed over a Plot of 5975 Sq.ft. (2 Grounds and 1175 Sq.ft.)

PROPOSAL : Construction of 8 Deluxe Residential Three BR Flats Ample space is available for Covered Car Parking 8 Nos at extra cost Rs.3,00,000/– each

FLOOR (Road Side)(A) (Rear Side)(B)
FIRST FLOOR 1400* 1400*
SECOND FLOOR 1400* 1400*
THIRD FLOOR 1400* 1400*
FOURTH FLOOR 1400* 1400*

* Booked
Rate : Rs.16,000/- per Sq.ft. (Price indicated is subject to change)